May 15, 2018

Much is being said about the monumental events that have taken place overseas and their grave repercussions. Despite this, we must not overlook a pivotal moment in the movement for justice here in New Jersey that took place yesterday.  On Monday, the New Jersey Poor People’s Campaign assembled in Trenton to launch a six-week season of nonviolent direct action.

As stated by Rev. Chip Stokes to those assembled in the shadow of the Statehouse yesterday, “through his policies, immigration policies, budgeting priorities, and tax plan, the President of the United States, his administration, and those who support him, are attacking the most vulnerable in our society:  children, women, the sick, and disabled; people of faith and people of good will are compelled to interfere on behalf of those who are treated unfairly and unjustly.”

In the spirit of that commission, and of the original Poor People’s Campaign launched by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others in 1968, well over a dozen people engaged in nonviolent direct action resistance and were arrested on State Street Monday afternoon.  I cannot express enough my gratitude for their courage and moral clarity in taking this righteous stand against oppression and injustice.

Our campaign is committed to Fight Forward in the spirit of these bold and brave actions that took place in Trenton yesterday.  We stand united in solidarity with the New Jersey Poor People’s campaign as we engage in our own campaign for justice in these coming weeks, so that we can speak truth to power and advance policies in Congress that will ensure that their struggles are not in vain.

We will fight for Medicare-for-All health care. We will push for a living wage and federal jobs guarantee.  And we will demand a dismantling of our nation’s military-industrial complex and the interventionist policies that it foments abroad.

Just as the New Jersey Poor People’s campaign is committed to advancing the cause of justice throughout the towns and cities of our state, we must join them in spreading their message as we go door to door and engage person to person leading up to June 5th.  Our campaign is not just about an election; it is a part of a movement to take back our nation for the people. And for that reason, we support the actions and the efforts of the New Jersey Poor People’s Campaign and the nationwide Poor People’s Campaign and Call for Moral Revival.

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Peter Jacob