New Jersey Home Values Slammed By Trump Tax Scam

December 7, 2017

Moody’s Analytics released a report this week listing the 30 American counties where home values would be hit the hardest under the Trump/Republican Tax Scam that recently passed both houses of Congress. The six counties that make up our district: Essex, Morris, Somerset, Union, Warren, and Hunterdon, are ALL on that list. Every single one.

In fact, 15 of the hardest hit counties across the entire COUNTRY are right here in New Jersey. 

Republicans are not ashamed at all of the real reason they are trying to crater our economy: their billionaire donors want their tax break. Senator Lindsey Graham stated unabashedly that “financial contributions will stop” from their wealthiest and big corporate donors.

Josh, there is one word and one word only for this outrageous string of events: CORRUPTION. Plain, simple, outright corruption. 

Only 29% of the public approved of this bill, and it passed entirely on party line votes. This scam proves beyond measure that our democracy is broken.

This is why I’m running for Congress: to break the corporate-fascist strangle hold on our government, and place we, the people back in charge. Billionaires and corporations will never revitalize our democracy or our economy. It’s up to us.

That is why I have pledged, and will continue to pledge over and over that our campaign:

– Takes ZERO corporate PAC money

– Will fight to pass the ‘We The People Amendment’ to the Constitution and the ‘American Anti Corruption Act’

– Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour and tie it to inflation after that

– Guarantee equal pay for equal work

– Guarantee fully funded public universities, colleges, and trade schools

– Ensure universal healthcare as a right of all people

We all do better when WE ALL DO BETTER. Trickle down has been proven as a failure, but as long as the billionaires who benefit from the trickle down lie are the ones in charge, they will continue to crater our local economy…just like the Moody’s report tells us will happen.

Help us get our anti-corruption, pro democracy message out to the masses.