Members Of Congress Benefit From Tax Bill

December 27, 2017

Last week Senator Bob Corker switched his vote on the ‘tax’ bill once he was able to financially benefit from it. 14 U.S. Senators will personally benefit from a provision (not in the initial Senate and House bills) added simply to shore up enough votes to get it passed.

You may wonder, how could elected officials get away with this?

The technicality here is that self-enrichment restrictions do NOT exist for tax bills. Congress can enrich themselves as long as other people are also members of a group that is being enriched.

But the answer can be far more simplified: corruption has been made legal in our politics.

A Princeton University study conducted just two years ago made it clear:

“economic elites and organized interest groups play a substantial part in affecting public policy, but the general public has little or no independent influence…”

That is why we made it clear that our campaign supports the American Anti-Corruption Act. Five towns throughout New Jersey have passed resolutions along with many others throughout the nation. This not just an issue, it is the issue.

Since our 2016 campaign, we have promised to be the first to propose the American Anti-Corruption Act when we get to Congress.

If you agree that we need to:

  • Stop Political Bribery
  • End Secret Money
  • Fix Our Broken Elections

Then, we ask you, to support our campaign for U.S. Congress.