Alabama Check, Next Up: NJ-7

December 13, 2017

Tuesday, was not just a victory for Doug Jones and Alabama.  It was a victory for the American people as a whole.

We are often told that “politics is the art of the possible.”  In reality, it is the art of SHOWING UP!

What put Jones over the line in a long shot race was grassroots involvement nation-wide.  Good people across America picked up phones and inspired large numbers of Alabamians to turn out and vote.  This is exactly what we did and plan to inspire in 2018.  We had people across 14 states get involved in our campaign to phonebank, facebank, and knock on doors.  It led us to achieve the strongest campaign against Leonard Lance to date with nearly 45% of the vote!

Alabama is just the beginning.  Next up is our 7th Congressional District.  We need your support to help us secure the resources to restore this Congressional seat to it’s rightful owners: WE, the PEOPLE!