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Criminal Justice Reform

We need to end the private prison industry and reform drug laws.

Net Neutrality

We support protecting net neutrality. Over the past decades, the Internet has served as a great equalizer, an opportunity for small businesses and voices who may not otherwise have a platform to compete in the market alongside big corporations and other powerful entities.


An educated workforce is the key to progress. Since the American Revolution, the United States has set the global standard for providing free public education to its people.

Gun Safety

Mass shootings at schools to unintended child gun deaths to firearm suicides, these stories have become all too common.  The gun violence incidences have reached epidemic levels in our nation. We can argue about the historical context of our 2nd Amendment, but the challenges we face today require 21st century solutions.  We may not end…
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Gender Equality

Our nation has made incredible progress throughout our history to overcome discrimination and create a more equitable society. But, we still have more work to ensure all Americans are guaranteed the same rights and opportunities regardless of gender, race, class, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.

Big Money In Politics

American democracy and the belief that we have a government of, by, and for the people has always been a pillar of freedom for the global community.


The scientific community agrees that climate change is not only real, but already causing incredible devastation across the globe. The great challenge for our generation is to reverse and repair the damage that has already been done to the environment.


Wealth and income inequality is the greatest moral issue of our time. The gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else has not been this high since right before the Great Depression.

Health Care

It is guaranteed in our Declaration of Independence that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. None of this is possible, especially life, without adequate healthcare.